JIM; continues to work for the Veterans Administration and this year marks his 32nd year of federal service. He has been contemplating retirement so he can become a full time writer. He continues to write and lecture on veteran issues. He has three books in publications and one more written that is yet to be edited. Another two are planned. All are available (or will be) at

LIZ: continues to work for the Veterans Administration and this year she was officially made the Assistant Nurse Manager for the Clinic. She continues to work primarily in Telephone Triage and life goes on without the kids. She, with Jim plan a book called “Advice Nurse.” Read about it at . Also this year, she has had the whole house remodeled …moved walls, hardwood floors, etc. Ouch !! …our wallet, but it looks great. Her email address is .

COLLEEN: Mrs. James Caruso lives about 2 miles from us. We hear from them weekly. She is still working teaching the kids. James still works for PESPI. She also has a Bulldog and who knows what 2007 may bring – Puppies !

ERIN: finished her 4 years in the Army and is getting married next month to SGT. Christopher Torres. She is working on her education and hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Nurse. She and Chris will be moving to Italy, his next assignment in March. Chris will deploy again to Iraq, his 3rd tour, in the spring.

SEÁMUS: Made it through Afghanistan with only one Purple Heart. He is a line medic in an Airborne Infantry Company. He hopes to make Sergeant soon. He will be deploying to Iraq in the late spring (along with Chris).  He will attend Special Forces Selection in February and hopes for assignment after his tour in Iraq.

UNCLE BERNIE: has had a tough year, He turned 94. His fall last year has slowed him down but he is still active. His spirits are high and he is usually pain free. His mind is not as sharp, but he is still hanging in there. We hope 2007 will be a better year.