JIM; continues to work for the Veterans Administration and this year receive a special promotion due to his special duties with combat veterans. He continues to write and lecture on veteran issues. He has three books in publications and one more written that is currently being edited. All are available (or will be) at


LIZ: continues to work for the Veterans Administration and this year she was selected to attend a special management training program. She continues to work primarily in Telephone Triage and life goes on without the kids. She has turned one of the bedrooms into her sewing room.


COLLEEN: was married in April this year to James Caruso and they live about 2 miles from us. We hear from them weekly as they transition into their new home.


ERIN: is still in Seattle Washington as a medic in the Army but she is due to get out in June. She is active in attending school in the evenings. She and Chris are planning a wedding when he gets back from Iraq in November 2006. He is due to reenlist and they will again be afforded the opportunity to travel the world.


SEÁMUS: is still on patrol on the Eastern Front of Afghanistan. He has had a full year working as a line medic. His platoon leader told me he is responsible for saving a child and a woman’s life. He has healed well from his wounds and is back on the line. He is expected to be back in Italy in early March.


UNCLE BERNIE: has had a tough year, He turned 93 and unfortunately fell and broke his right hip. He recovered well from this but fell again and has a compression fracture of his back, He is back up and walking again but has slowed down much. His spirits are high and he is pain free, we hope 2006 will be a better year.


AGATHA CHRISTY: our newest addition to the clan, is a female English bulldog with a great personality. She is white with a touch of color on her face.