JIM: Life goes on as he works at the Veterans Administration as a Primary Care Staff Physician Assistant just 5 miles from the house. He is the president of the Florida chapter of the 173d Airborne Brigade and is has linked up with some old buddies he served with in Vietnam. He has been working in getting many veterans established in getting disability compensation. He finally finished his manuscript on his book (almost 3 years) about a young paratrooper. ( He hopes to have it out in print by June 2005. His web site is and his E-Mail address is;


LIZ: Busy as usual as the heart and soul of the family. She is a Registered Nurse at the Veterans Administration just 5 miles from the house. She completed her Masters degree and has taken on running the Telephone triage department here at the New Port Richey Clinic. Life has settled down somewhat for her and “Empty Nest Syndrome” never set in. Her Web site is and her E-Mail address is;


COLLEEN; Busy also with work. She is working as a preschool teacher and loves her job. She plans to Marry James on 2 April 2005. They own a new home, about a mile from us and only time will tell when I’ll see her with little ones of her own. So her life is all about, the house, the wedding, etc. She is happy and growing well and can be visited at


ERIN: Specialist Erin is now stationed at Fort Lewis Washington where she is still recovering from leg injuries she got while in jump school. She works at the Family Practice Department of Madigan Army Medical Center. She seems to really love being in medicine. She is taking college classes and hopes to finish her Associates Degree and then to get the Army to send her to Nursing School. She has a special guy in her life and once again only time will tell. She has grown tremendously and is a much more mature young woman. I expect that she may stay in the Army but there again only time will tell. He web site is and her Email address is;


SEAMUS: Private First Class Seamus is finished his medical training at Ft. Sam Houston Texas, completed Jump school and is now a Line Medic with C Company 1/508th Airborne Infantry, 173rd Airborne Bde. He is stationed in Italy but has been in training in Germany and is schedule to go to Afghanistan in March 2005. Next year has many possibilities for him because he has been identified by the Army as a possible candidate for US Military Academy at West Point. The list will come out in late March 2005 with class starting in late June 2005. Hopefully he will be selected. We all have our fingers crossed. His website is and his E-Mail address is;


UNCLE BERNIE; He is 92 year old and is still the energizer bunny. We find it hard to keep up with him. His health is unbelievably good and he has little tolerance for the “Old People” that live here in Florida. He is still an avid Yankee fan and watches all the games, but now he has gotten into watching Football games on TV. He is really great at remembering the players and teams. He still does chorus around the house and takes care of the cats.


Merry Christmas & Please keep in touch on the web at;